Culture Wise HR Solutions

Culture Wise HR Solutions is an Australian based company providing human resource consulting, combining HR, Strategy and Culture to support businesses in creating continued success and momentum for their people.

We believe that people and culture are at the heart of every business, big or small. Business needs to continue to learn, grow and refine their culture and strategy to ensure continued success with their people.


We specialise in providing HR Support

Empower businesses and leaders today to build a successful, motivated, high performing culture.

How We Work

We provide straight talking support, No BS, just simple solutions that work.
We explain and discuss the options, talk through with you the pros and cons, risks and opportunities, so you can get your team back to business.

Our Support

We can support you to empower yourself as a business owner, your business and your leaders to build successful, motivated, high performing teams and to create a positive workplace culture.

What We Provide

HR Support at any stage within the HR lifecycle, from one off queries, short to long term projects and HR Coaching and guidance.

Effective Human Resource Management

Well-managed HR function is a key factor in business success